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by charlie t » Sun Dec 10, 2006 10:28 pm


Week A
Deadlift warm up to about 80%
80% 8setx2reps
Platform deadlift about 3-4inch high
Train with weights from 40-70%
4-6set x 4reps Speed!
Then go down to about 40-50% 2setx8reps

Week B
Deadlift. Work up to 3rep max.
Platform deadlift about 3-4inch high
With weights from 50-75%
4-6set x 3-5reps Speed
Then go down to about 50% for 2setsx8reps

Week C
Jeff Jet Method Deadlift ( This is hard to write down )
When you do Jeff Jet Method deadlift you start by doing a rack pull. Then your training partners take the rack away and you go down and then up! Then your partners put the rack back in! The rep starts up by your thighs then you go down and up again ( I hope you get it )
A guy from America told us about this. His name is Jeff Jet. We started doing this because pretty much everything me and Benedikt can pull up we can do more reps! So we thought this would be a great way to do work with much more weight to shock the body! It worked!

Jeff Jet Method Deadlift - Go up in 1-3reps max ( Do what the day allows!! )
Platform deadlift about 3-4inch high
4set x 4-6reps with weights from 50-60%

We train deadlift every week. The last 3 or 4 workouts before a meet we just do regular deadlift off the floor and work in singles. We never go heavier than the starting weight at the meet though. Remember the day of the meet is the day you want to be the strongest!

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by charlie t » Tue Jan 23, 2007 8:31 pm

Fra Benni's egen hp
Benedikt wrote:Week A:

- Deadlift Warmup. Upto 80% of personal best.
- Now 80% 8set x 2reps
- Go down to 40-70%
- 4-6set x 4reps very fast (speed is the king)
- Now down again 40-50% 2set x 8reps

Week B:
Deadlift. Warm up.
Work your way up to your 3reps max weight (Has to be without to much struggle)
Weights from 50-75% for 4-6set x 3-5reps fast !
50% Weight 2sets x8reps Very Fast !

Week C:
Deadlift with Jeff Jet technique:

Jeff Jet I can describe this way: You put a platform under the weights themself so when you pull, you are pulling the bar right above your knees. After you have lifted the weight up, you get your training partner/s to take the platforms away, and you go down focused, and then you pull it up from the floor again. (So you begin on your second rep in fact)

-Just go up in 1- 3 reps, have fun and just go as haevy as the spirit allowes you !!!

- 4set x 4-6reps with 50-60% weight

Please read this :

This program is to get up to the fitness level required to train with more weights. So keep in mind that your body is going to need alot more energy than usual.

I advise you to do only as much as you feel you can do, and keep in mind that you have to work your fitness level up to the point you are able to finish this workout. So if you feel to tired. Stop!

And also. Do not do this program for more than 12 weeks without having a resting week. The resting week should allow you to deadlift up to 30% of maximum. So think if you maximum is currently 220kg, 30% of that is only aprox 60-70 kg. May sound to little, but you body does not know numbers and this will stimulate your nerves to react to the more weight the week after.

Lidt mere :P
Benedikt wrote:I like this program for offseason muscle buildup when you have less resting days

-Warm up to 60% of personal best that day.
- Now 60% 6set x 5reps
- Go down to 50%
- 4-6set x 4reps very fast (speed is the king)
- Now down again 40% 3set x 12reps
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