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by charlie t » Thu Feb 22, 2007 6:37 pm

En masse links til programmer, jeg lige stjal fra et andet board :P


Dual Factor Hypertrophy Training -

Undulated Periodization - Variable Repitition Training

acit (Accelerated Inroad Training)

Dante's Dogg Crapp Method -
more DC help:

Advanced German Volume Training (AVGT) -

Powerman's basic hypertrophy routine- ... &Itemid=65

Tri Phase Progressive Training (TP PT):

HST (Hypertrophy Specific Training):


Dual Factor Hypertrophy Training (DFHT):

Anti-bodybuilding Hypertrophy Program by Chad Waterbury-;js ... ?id=459341

Designer Athletes by MikeRobertson-;js ... ?id=487636

Hypertrophy Program 2.0 by FI- ... opic=24242

Total Body Training by Chad Waterbury-;js ... 1&pageNo=0

Full Body Frenzy by Joel Marion- ... e&i=13&a=1

Escalating Density Training-;js ... ?id=482671

Pendulum Training-;js ... ?id=459408

Periodization for bodybuilding-

Routines for those of us without equipment-

20 rep squats-

Renegade Bodybuilding-;js ... ?id=459589

Hardcore Bodybuilding Routine-

Vince Gironda's old school beginners program-

Perfect 10 Training-;js ... ?id=725763

The Art of Waterbury-;js ... ?id=693794

Primed For Muscle-;js ... ?id=635888

Hybrid Hypertrophy-;js ... ?id=580380

SOB Training-;js ... ?id=561180

The Waterbury Method-;js ... ?id=534922

Lift Fast, Get Big-;js ... ?id=529331

Triple Total Training-;js ... ?id=476508

Single’s Club-;js ... ?id=459290

The Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Program, Part II-;js ... ?id=459211

Quattro Dynamo-;js ... ?id=459216

5x5 supercharged by Mike Mahler-

The No Curl Bicep Program by Alwyn Cosgrove-;js ... ?id=746517

Time Efficient Hypertrophy by Joel Marion-;js ... ?id=748700

Hamstrings times two by Charles Poliquin-;js ... ?id=773872

The "No Curl" Biceps Program, Part Two by Alwyn Cosgrove-;js ... ?id=797992

8 weeks to monster shoulders by Chad Waterbury and Alwyn Cosgrove-;js ... ?id=818555

Heavy Duty GTG by Mike Mahler-

The lost art of Hamstring training by Christian Thibaudeau-;jsessionid=78928ECF40E62FBA82BF1E08B02E3DE5.hydra?id=826798

12 weeks to war-ready guns! by Christian Thibaudeau-;js ... ?id=840637

The Holiday Program by Alwyn Cosgrove-

Westside for Bodybuilders (a bench specialisation program) by Joel Marion-;js ... ?id=850882

optimized volume training by christian thibaudeau:


3x3 Training:


Strength-Focused Mesocycle-;js ... ?id=485341

Sheiko style training:

More Westside; also Korte's 3x3:

Pavel Tsatsouline:

Russian Training-

Bulgarian Olympic Training-

Dinosaur Training- ... 0049.shtml

Mark McLaughlin's beginners program-

Bob Youngs Westside for beginners-

15 week to super strength by Kelly Baggett-

Twelve Week Periodized Peaking Cycle For Power Lifters! by Dr.Squat-

Killer Russian Workout by Pavel Tsatsouline-

Conjugate 3 x 3 -

Advanced Olympic lifting program-

Calpian Weightlifting Program by Matt Foreman-

East Coast Gold Olympic Program-

Metal Militia Training Article by Sebastian Burns- ... ticle.html

Ed Coan deadlift routine-

Sheiko Beginners program-

Monthly training plan #1 of Candidates to Master of Sport* and Masters of Sport* in preparation period. By Boris Sheiko.-

Bench Press Training System by Boris Sheiko-

Sports specific

Bill Starr's 5x5-

SEAL's workout- ... t_main.cfm

Dinosaur westside-

Bill Starrs the strongest shall survive- ... nrodt4.htm

Kettlebell training-

Strongman training-

Davidson College Football Program-

Training for the highschool athlete- ... hletes.htm

Undulating Periodization for athletes by Alwyn Cosgrove-

Strongman workout by Corey St.Clair-

Basketball Strength Training-

In season American Football Program- ... -07-20.htm

Program for wrestlers- ... -10-31.htm

6 Week Vertical Jump Program- ... -10-10.htm

In season football program- ... -10-03.htm

Keg and Tire training by Allen Hedrick-;js ... ?id=783699

Get Strong, Get Fast, Get Vertical! by Christian Thibaudeau-;js ... ?id=859906

The Litvinov Workout by Dan John:


If It's Not Cosgrove, It's Crap! by Alwyn Cosgrove-;js ... ?id=863599

DB Hammers training methods- ... hammer.htm

Anyone looking for the science etc behind training should go to- ... c.php?t=32

Eight Keys by Dave Tate- ... =267eight2

loads on Dual Factor training by Matt Reynolds

The High Frequency Secret by Chad Waterbury-;js ... ?id=755131

The Specialization Zone Emphasis Training for Advanced Physique Enhancement by Christian Thibaudeau-;js ... ?id=753073

The Warm-Up Manifesto, Part I Think performance, not fatigue! by John Paul Catanzaro-;js ... ?id=804576

The Warm-Up Manifesto, Part II, Think performance, not fatigue! by John Paul Catanzaro-;js ... ?id=805661

Iron John: What You Know Vs. What You Do by Dan John-;js ... ?id=806745

10 uses for a smith machine by Eric Cressey-;js ... ?id=810548

Advanced Dumbbell Training by Allen Hedrick-;js ... ?id=822808

How to strengthen rosie and her five friends by Jim Wendler-

The Triumvirate By Jim Wendler-

Transformation of a Young Athlete By Zach Even-Esh-

Exercises you've never tried-;js ... ?id=829136

Man with a Plan, Part 1- ... plan1.html

Man with a Plan, Part 2- ... plan1.html

Man with a Plan, Part 3- ... plan3.html

Man with a Plan, Training Template- ... _temp.html

Fat Loss

Lactic Acid Training for Fat Loss by Charles Poliquin-;js ... ?id=724381

Outlaw Strength and Conditioning-;js ... ?id=459262

10x3 for Fat Loss by Chad Waterbury-;jsessionid=59EF3746CCA4006B75C6E85DC6FDE6A2.hydra?id=795366

Get Lean without dieting-

Injury prevention/rehab/warm-up/stretching

Neanderthal No More Part I
by Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Feel Better for 10 Bucks
by Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson

Shoulder Savers: Part I
by Eric Cressey

Part II

Part III

13 Tips for Mighty Elbows & Wrists

The Warm-Up Manifesto, Part I
by John Paul Catanzaro

Part II

Stretching for Strengthening, Part I
by John Paul Catanzaro

Part II

Strong and Healthy Shoulders
by John Paul Catanzaro

Man of Steel
by John Davies

Soft Tissue Work for Tough Guys
by Tony Gentilcore

Achieving Structural Balance
By Charles Poliquin
charlie t

by sørenvede » Sat Feb 25, 2017 9:01 pm

Jeg har her på det seneste brugt suplab´s 2-split program de sidste måneder, og det har virket virkeligt godt.
Tror i kan finde det på det her link:
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